We are one of the rarest blueberry Slovenian producers in, because our plantation grows in an area that gives this vegetable the proper accommodation those vegetable demands.

The swamp is perfect for growing them in because humus has to be full of sour substance and wet enough. Size of plantation is 3 hectares and in it grow cca 6.000 plants of 51 different sorts and some of them are still very young.

Last year we have already finished planting new plants, so the capacity is not full enough, as when the plant is already in full form. The product is still growing and last year we produced 23.000 kg. After 8 years we are expecting cca 50.000 kg of blueberries, because the younger plants take exactly 8 years to reach the fruitfulness.

High number of sorts (in it), makes this plantation the biggest different sorts plantation of this kind in Europe. For making the growth better, we are communicating also with Mrs. Darinka Koron from the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia.